Garnier tinted eye roll on old vs. new

Hello everyone!

Do you know how it is when you have your favourite products and then a brand changes something up because they want to improve it and you end up don’t liking it anymore ? Some days ago I had to experience this unfortunately with the Garnier tinted eye roll on.

The old Garnier tinted eye roll on was one of my most favourite drugstore products I used to buy again and again, it has a nice fair color for concealing dark circles under the eyes and especially for summer it has a great cooling effect that i really love.

Some time ago I ran out of my Garnier tinted eye roll on (I use color 02 fair because I have light skin) and I went to my local drugstore to get a new one. I searched for it and I could not find it, so I went to another drugstore and they also did not have it anymore. I ended up asking a staff member of the drugstore where the Garnier tinted eye roll on has gone and she told me that it has been replaced by a smaller new version, but I should not worry because it is the same just different packaging. I was like, ok, if it is the same then I buy it.

At home I packed it out and did a swatch on my arm and I suddenly felt really disappointed and sad because the color is dramatically different than it was before. The old version in 02 fair is very light and the new version 1 color for all skin types is very peachy/orange-toned which is nothing I could ever use somewhere in my face (well maybe as a blush lol). I highly doubt that this color is suitable for people with light skintone because it is so warm toned.

After searching the internet I saw that they still sell the old version online overseas in the US and Australia, so I bought it online and finally got it again.

It really bothers me though that they changed up one of my favourite things. I attached you some pictures below where you can see the difference.

Do you have any favourite products that have been changed up and now you don’t like them anymore ?

hope to read from you soon,

xoxo Eva

Garnier tinted eye roll on old vs. new 1
Garnier tinted eye roll on old vs. new
Garnier tinted eye roll on old vs. new
Garnier tinted eye roll on old vs. new



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    • 27. Januar 2015 / 18:55

      absolutely, I agree, the new one is so dark that I can not use it! Did you find a good one?

  1. 2. Dezember 2014 / 20:52

    Ich kenne nur den neuen und finde die Nuance leider viel zu dunkel und richtig decken tut er auch nicht :/

    • 27. Januar 2015 / 18:56

      Genau so ist es, der alte war so viel besser, ich hasse es wirklich sehr wenn Firmen ihre Produkte so umändern zum Schlechteren hin dann…

    • 27. Januar 2015 / 18:56

      thank you for leaving your comment!

    • 27. Januar 2015 / 18:57

      so true! I am so sad it doesn’t match me anymore..

    • 27. Januar 2015 / 18:54

      thank you for leaving your comment, yes vey disappointing!

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