Moving to WordPress and online shop introduction:

Hello everyone !

As you can see, we finally made our move from Blogger to WordPress, yay !! We hope that everything is fixed so far and it will work well.

Let’s go straight forward to our first post on WordPress today:

We want to introduce to you the Australian Online Fashion Stop named Peppermayo:

We were both totally excited when visiting their online shop the first time, because their clothes are super summery, great fun colorful designs, very girly, very fashionable and to an affordable price, everything that you are looking for when you think of online shopping! As you can imagine we could not resist and we HAD to order some stuff, that we list you with pictures below.

Our clothes arrived after 1 week from Australia to Austria. The shipping costs were also affordable with EUR 9,90 and we did not have to pay customs because we ordered only 2 items per order that the amount for the custom was less enough.

We are totally in love with our items and satisfied with our orders.

Also we want to mention that their customer service was very quick to answer one of our e-mail questions within 24 hours, very helpful and friendly. Competent customer support is very important for us, especially when we are buying overseas.

We can only recommend Peppermayo to everyone after our good experiences we made, we became real stalkers of their instagram account @peppermayo  and their website to be always up to date what new arrivals they have and we’ll keep on shopping for sure! 🙂

Hope you guys like the new layout so far and today’s post.

Did you already know Peppermayo maybe from Instagram?

What is your favourite place for online shopping ?

Lot of greetings,

Eva & Nicole

Peppermayo – Black and white t-shirt dress

Peppermayo – 80’s look knit sweater in pastel colors

Peppermayo - floral skort playsuite

Peppermayo – floral skort playsuite

Peppermayo - white chiffon v-neck playsuite

Peppermayo – white chiffon v-neck playsuite

Peppermayo - rose floral knitted sweater

Peppermayo – rose floral knitted sweater

Peppermayo rose sweater

Peppermayo rose sweater


  1. 7. Juli 2014 / 19:34

    Ich muss mich auch für den Shop-Tipp bedanken. Da gibt es ja so viele tolle Sachen. Mein Warenkorb ist schon voll 🙂
    Auch das neue Design finde ich ganz toll!!
    Viele Grüße Bianca

  2. 29. Juni 2014 / 21:19

    Glückwunsch zum Umzug, das neue Design find’ ich auf jeden Fall besser 😉
    Und wie cool ist bitte dieser Playsuit?!

  3. 29. Juni 2014 / 13:02

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Umzug und weiterhin den verdienten Erfolg! Danke für den Tipp, ich kannte den Shop bisher nämlich noch nicht, aber so wie es ausschaut, war das definitiv ein Fehler, denn die Teile sind ja super!

    xx Rena

  4. 28. Juni 2014 / 12:42

    Tolle Klamotten und das neue Layout find ich super!

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